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When a big acting role calls for specific physical preparation with a fitness deadline, many celebrity actors call on, movement expert, Kris Chrisp. The Atlanta, GA-based personal trainer is famous for whipping actors into shape and sculpting bodies in the pursuit of developing their unique characters. Kris’s approach takes a lot of the mystery out of the transformative process, while clearly pushing his actors hard to reach their physical and athletic goals. Whether an actor seeks to overcome an injury for a role, bulk up, fight, run, wrestle, or dance in character, Kris develops a plan to make sure all those character traits can be fulfilled. {He finds a way to acclimate actors to any number of variables they’ll experience during the shoot.}


A trainer who is comfortable wearing many hats, Kris’s priority is to make sure the actor is ready physically and mentally for any scenario he/she may experience during their shoot. 

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